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Welcome to RH Club (Rudra Healing Club), a monthly subscription service. We proudly present this innovative vibrant solution to heal humankind.

We all face negativity at times. Negativity is openly vibrated among humanity, affecting weak and unhealthy energy systems. In order to overcome these constant negativity barriers, one has to find a way to defeat these negativity vibrations. Crystals, amulets, spirituality bracelets etc. are not as effective, as they themselves cannot withhold negativity indefinitely. Even constant recharging is not entirely possible, as once negativity enters it is not easy to remove. And charging without removing negativity completely doesn’t make it a potent repellent of negativity scientifically. 

We understand getting healed every few days or few weeks is not a cost effective solution for humanity. And many don’t consider this as a need for their overall Wellbeing, which others take advantage of without being noticed.

Hence, RH Club is our attempt to provide an opportunity with a monthly subscription healing service one can subscribe to stay energy healthy, positive, mentally fit and overcome negativity. It is an on-demand service that will help you achieve the feeling of overall wellness that you have been longing for.

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